Subject: Using host number 0?
To: None <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/16/1999 05:34:43

I've got a minor nit to pick:

It seems that NetBSD will allow me to use the zeroth host in a subnet as
the "gateway" in a "route add" command.  But NetBSD will not attempt to
ARP for that host, and will not allow me to manually add an ARP entry,
which makes it pretty useless.

Now, I _know_ that the zeroth host is kinda special, but my new ISP has
me set up this way:

	My net-block
	Gateway  (ie, host #0 in my subnet)

(All of this is on an Ethernet LAN)

Now, I can temporarily work-around the problem by configuring my NetBSD
machines to have a shorter mask.  ie, if I set my mask as /27 (or, in
old style,, then the .144 host is no longer the zeroth
one in my subnet.  But then, I lose connectivity to the .128 through
.143 hosts, since they aren't on my LAN even though they should be based
on the mask.

Is there any hope for me?  Is there anything I can do to make ARP handle
the zeroth host?  Or am I doomed?  :)

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