Subject: UK JACC conference - can you speak (fwd)
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/14/1999 01:12:44
I'm not sure we're welcome, but hey, if there's someone interrested
here... :)

 - Hubert

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Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 20:16:48 +0100
From: Brian Somers <>
Subject: UK JACC conference - can you speak

I'm forwarding this on behalf of Adrian Wontroba for any OpenBSD 
developers in the UK.

Call for Papers: JACC Conference, Oxford, England, 15-18 September 1999.

The Association of C and C++ Users will be holding their Autumn 1999
JACC conference in Oxford (England) on Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th
September. The conference is primarily intended to be an affordable
conference for ACCU's members, concentrating on languages of interest
to them - i.e. C, C++ and Java. The aim is to provide three days of
streamed sessions and workshops, with single-stream "enthusiasts day"
on Saturday. Possible topics for the first three days include Operating
System specific development, Patterns, Java, C++, Programming for non
experts, Games, and Embedded Programming.

The UK Unix User Group have been asked to provide speakers for a
professional (in approach) "UNIX and UNIX-like development" stream,
which is likely to run on Wednesday 15th September. Speakers should be
at least part-time developers of UN*X software (application or system)
using a relevant language. The UKUUG may possibly provide something
lighter, and universally understandable, for part of Saturday 18th

If you want to speak, please contact:

	Adrian Wontroba <>

Email preferred, but my postal address is:

	14 Fourlands Avenue
	Sutton Coldfield
	West Midlands
	B72 1YY

Please include:

A brief description of the subject you wish to speak about, and the
length of your presentation.

Brief biographical details.

Contact information.

Expenses: This is a route to fame, not fortune. Non-affiliated
speakers are likely to get at most their expenses. Those representing
commercially interested organisations are unlikely to get even that.

Due to a misunderstanding on my part, I have left things till rather
late.  Please respond quickly.

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