Subject: The CardBus saga continues...
To: None <>
From: Paul B Dokas <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/03/1999 21:02:36
I've finally managed to hack the cardbus patches into shape on my
Gateway Solo 9100 (Cirrus PD6832 CardBus chipset) so that it recognizes
the cardbus chipset, and actually manages to bind cards to the PCI bus
space (I had to create the cardbus_tags with a PCI bus of 0x20...  Don't
ask, I just found it in the Linux pcmcia-cs source).

However, I'm still having problems with my 3C575.  The card is match()d
and attach()d via the corresponding routines in if_ep_cardbus.c.  But
it insists that I've got to "erase pencil mark!".  Looks like it things
that I'm playing with the eeprom in if_ep_cardbus.c:epbusyeeprom().

There's a big /* XXX PnP? */ in the code in both cardbus/if_ep_cardbus.c and
ic/elink3.c  WRT the epbusyeeprom() subroutine.  I get this error regardless
of whether the PnP option in the BIOS is on or off.

Can anyone offer any help on this?  This appears to be my last hurdle to
having a working 100Mbit Cardbus laptop running NetBSD-current at USENIX  8=)

Paul Dokas                                  
Don Juan Matus:  "an enigma wrapped in mystery wrapped in a tortilla."