Subject: Re: union filesystem problems
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/01/1999 09:19:10
Brett Lymn writes:
> According to Andrew Gillham:
> >
> >This is where someone could develop a webpage/CGI combo that allows people
> >to have kernels and/or floppy images built for them, after selecting the
> >options on the webpage. 
> Or a binary that looks at your current system and configures the
> kernel for it :-)  My initial stab at that was called abc.  David
> Forbes had a go at it and called it nconf.  We have since got together
> and are working on a point-n-shoot kernel config builder.  Having
> something write a kernel config is easy, having something write a
> kernel config that _works_ is something of a challenge :-)

This assumes you have netbsd up and running.  I would prefer having the
ability to have a kernel built via a "trusted" source on the net, but
with the options I need.  In the "4MB machine" case, it could take quite
awhile to build native, maybe 1 hour roundtrip via a build on the net.
For a firewall/router scenario, there might not even be enough disk on 
the target machine to even install the base, let alone the source.

A system that can build a bootable floppy with your kernel of choice, or
a "preconfigured" router/firewall for someone would be quite nifty.

> Mmmmm templates - sounds like a Good Thing.

Yup, then give some options in addition to the base template.

> What options you want depends on what you have in the machine - you
> really do not want all the config options to wade through.

That is where a template comes in.  Someone could pick "GENERIC", then
"remove an ethernet device" or whatever.  Then they would get more
specifics.  Or pick "router", then be allowed to select the ethernet
devices you want.  Even better would be to then specify your ip addresses
and have it all built in to the boot floppy. :-)

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