Subject: Re: Routing problem, what am I doing wrong?
To: None <>
From: Paul Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/1999 15:56:48
>> On Tue, 25 May 1999 Paul Goyette wrote:
>> Ok, traceroute shows the next hop is:
>>     1 (  16.235 ms  14.679 ms  14.715 ms
>> this corresponds to what I was told when they installed the cable modem.  It supposedly
>> is my gateway address on the cable network.
>> So I should add a route like:
>>    route add -net 24 -netmask
>> and for
>>    route add -net
>Why are you adding a route to

I was going to download the latest tar_files and I was trying to use the 
cable modem to see what kind of speeds I get as opposed to my DSL line
which does about 16-16.8 pretty regularly.

>Also, why are you adding a -net route for it? Both actions are wrong.

OOpppss,  I cut and pasted the -net 24 line and didn't clean it up 
correctly.  No -net on the route line.

>I think you want a much simpler routing setup than you're giving yourself.
>I think all you want in addition to local routes and the loopback routes
>is "route add default".

NO!! *8^)  My DSL line is the default route and it seems to work just fine 
and I don't want to make the cable modem the default route since it's flaky.
(I've hooked it up to a box where it is the default route and it performs 
very strangely.  I mean it has other problems than this alternate interface
route problem I'm having.)

>You shouldn't need to enter a route for the cable modem as the ifconfig
>for the ethernet card on the cable side should have done it. I think the
>      link#3             UC          0        0      -  ne0
>line was all you needed.

Well, as I've said, I'm obviously missing something but, I don't see what.

Routing to .202 is wrong.  If I route to .193 I get nothing.  No tcpdump 
results on any of the interfaces.

Still confused,