Subject: Intel install glitch
To: None <>
From: Hal Murray <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/23/1999 16:59:06
I don't know much about PCs.  I've installed NetBSD several times 
on Alphas. 

I just installed 1.4 on an Intel box.  I told it to use the whole 
disk.  Everything seemed to go OK, but now it doesn't boot cleanly.  
It hangs with a screen describing the configuration and an "LI" printed 
below that.  (The disk used to have Linux on it.  I assume that's 
the first part of LILO.) 

I can boot it by using the install floppy and telling it to boot 

I found the Master Boot Record section in the Intel install doc. 
It says to be sure to mark the partion as active.  I tried both the 
whole-disk and the other option.  It never asked me if I wanted to 
"install newer bootcode" as the doc describes.  I'm pretty sure that 
partiton is marked active, or was at one time. 

Is there something obvious that I missed? 

Is there something I can type from a running system that will fixup 
the boot stuff on that disk?