Subject: Reading WinNT CD-R disks
To: None <>
From: David Forbes <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/20/1999 17:35:02
I've been given a CD-R disk to read which was produced (and is known to
work) on WinNT machines.  It contains a load of files of several Mb each.
When I mount the disk (using "mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0a /cdrom"), I can
see all the files correctly, but they're all far too small. "df" shows
about the correct size for the disk (~590Mb total).  Examining the disk
label shows lots of numbers that don't add up and a big warning at the
bottom which says "partition extends beyond the end of the media" (OWTTE)

Using cdd (built from 1.4 pkgsrc tree, and telling it some porkies about 
my CD drive, because it doesn't recognise it), I find that there are two
tracks on the disk, one which is far too small.  The second one is about
the right size though.  However, cdd gives an obscure error message (which
amounts to a number) and refuses to read anything from the second track. 

* Has anyone else had this?  Is it a WinNT/Win95 thing or someone's made a
	pig's ear of the CD?

* Any ideas how I can read the second track (or in fact, both of them