Subject: Re: Best way to get 1.4?
To: Brian Waters <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/20/1999 14:51:19
Brian Waters wrote:

> In article <> you write:
> >Ok, here is something that I would love to see.
> >I think that it would be great to have an official set of 1.4 
> >iso images posted on NetBSD mirrors if possible.  I would also 
> >like to see sales of offical NetBSD cdroms if possible.
> I made a cd_9600 rock ridge/juliet CDROM image file that is just at the
> 650MB limit,  it includes all the ports but the next68 and the pmax.  I
> bzip2 the sources.  If someone could set up install to handle a shared
> xfonts.tgz or even better do a base install then install the X stuff from bz2
> files I think at least one more port could be fit in.

I'm sitting on some hacks for gzip which can decode bzip2 files as well.
There'd be nothing to stop people from using that "funny" version of
gzip, bzip2ing _all_ the binary sets but still calling them *.tgz files
so nothing else (including sysinst) needs changing.  Unfortunately this
won't help for 1.4 without a little bit of work as the install media has
already been built.

A "problem" for bzip2 is the memory requirements for decompression.
Using maximum compression, the _minimum_ amount of memory for
decompression is 2300kB, and the normal amount is 3700kB.  That plus the
memory used by the ramdisk install kernels on various architectures may
make installs impossible on 8MB machines.  I guess you could play games
with labelling a disk and adding swap before uncompressing the sets...