Subject: wscons and serial console - READ THIS
To: None <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/15/1999 17:12:09
In the post-release tree, I've changed the way wscons displays and
keyboards find each other.
Formerly, wskbd and wsdisplay devices were connected automatically
at system startup time, basically in the order if their unit
numbers. This didn't work well with more dynamic devices as USB
keyboards, and it didn't consider that one might want to multiplex
2 or more keyboards into one display.

Now only the devices used as operating system console are glued
together automatically. Other keyboards / displays stay unconnected,
thus mostly useless, until a userland utility (wsconscfg(8)) configures
the connection.

The default /etc/wscons.conf now contains a "keyboard" line which
specifies a keyboard to connect to the configured display (wsdisplay0
in the standard configuration). "-" or "auto" -as in the shipped file-
means "the first available keyboard".
This will hopefully dtrt in most cases.

So if you are using a serial console together with wscons, make sure
to update usr.sbin/wsconscfg, /etc/rc.wscons and /etc/wscons.conf.

best regards