Subject: Current kernel I modified works fine on SS-20/HyperSPARC
To: '' <>
From: YoshiyaEto <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/12/1999 17:39:59
  I modified pmap.c of current-kernel for HyperSPARC.
Now, that kernel works fine on my SS-20/HyperSPARC(150MHz).

  HyperSPARC's MMU does not peek a modification of PTE.
So,I add following two lines to setpgt4m() in pmap.c.

+        if (cpuinfo.cpu_type == CPUTYP_HS_MBUS)
+                tlb_flush_all();

This modification is not so good,because only the related TLB entry should be flushed.

Could someone brush up this modification and integrate this into source tree ?