Subject: re: union filesystem problems
To: Simon Burge <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/12/1999 09:32:43
   > Now ... yes, I agree that we should have a way of doing an "everything"
   > kernel different from a "support most things" kernel, but we need to
   > STANDARDIZE THE FORMAT of the bloody config files (can someone say pmax?).
   What would you like to see - getting rid of all the includes and just
   list the devices, etc?  Personally, pmaxes aren't that configurable in
   terms of options, so I've never been bothered by the "different" format
   of GENERIC.

let me state very clearly that i can *not* handle the current way
the pmax config files are laid out.  it has only due to extreme
self control i have not exploded all over sys/arch/pmax/conf and
redone it all :-)

the masses of included files make it next to impossible for me to
remove hardware support for only one machine and not others, while
keeping local changes to a minimum.  the hard coded scsi ID's make
it hard to configure anything Special (at least it recognises more
disks by default now!  thanks simon :).  look at the conf/tc.options
file (which is included by default).  you get:

cfb*    at tc?
mfb*    at tc?
sfb*    at tc?
px0     at tc?
le0     at tc? #slot ?  offset ?                # DS 5000/200 baseboard
le*     at tc? #slot ?  offset ?                # TC ether option
fta*    at tc? #slot ?  offset ?                # TC FDDI option
asc*    at tc?                                  # PMAZ SCSI option

of that list, i *ONLY* want le0.  that's broken.  updating my
sys/arch/pmax/conf dir is an interesting time.

these devices should not be listed in these files.  they should be
in each configuration file so i can *change* it per file.