Subject: Re: union filesystem problems
To: None <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/11/1999 20:01:44
"John F. Woods" wrote:
> > It's not an insignificant number, but i'd bet there's a high correlation
> > between that set of users and the set that has a strong understanding of
> > what to put in a kernel config.
> Hmm.  Anyone who thinks they need ISO networking obviously understands nothing
> about networks, are you sure they'll understand kernels any better?  <ducks>

Hmm, did you ever work in the telecom environment? Unfortunately, we
have plenty of ISO equipment around, that we need to manage. 

(Yes, I've seen the "ducks", and seen the invisible smiley as well :-)
I general, I'd probably tend to agree with you (ducks :-), but there
are some exceptions ...

Just nitpicking,