Subject: kern/6093
To: None <,>
From: Torsten Duwe <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/06/1999 12:27:08
[this is about the multisession CD fix I submitted]

    Ignatios> Please report whether 1.4_BETA or 1.4 work for you.  -is

Sorry, it took a while because I wanted to reply with fairly well-founded
test results rather than a rushed quick answer.

Tested hardware:

AMD K6/200 PC with an internal Ultraplex (Plextor PX-32TS, rev 1.03) at
an NCR810

AMD K6-2/350 with an internal Toshiba XM-6402B rev.1008 as secondary IDE

SparcStation LX

external CD-R Yamaha CDR400t rev. 1.0j

another external Ultraplex (identical to the internal above)

Tested Software:

The PCs have fairly late betas of Caldera OpenLinux-2.2 (kernel 2.2.3 or
above) installed; I used these for reference.

The SparcStation runs NetBSD-"current" of 1999-04-06 or so (about 1.4_ALPHA)

Since I haven't gotten at installing the PCs yet, I downloaded the 1.4_BETA
install floppies from and booted those.

Test Results:

SparcStation LX with ext. Ultraplex: "invalid argument" (Yikes !)

K6/200 w/ internal Ultraplex and Linux: "invalid argument" (Whew!)

K6-2/350 w/ internal ATAPI CD and Linux:			OK.
K6-2/350 w/ internal ATAPI CD and NetBSD-1.4_BETA floppy:	OK.

K6/200 w/ external CD-R; NetBSD-1.4_BETA & Linux:	   both OK.

SparcStation LX with external CD-R, NetBSD-1.4_ALPHA:		OK.


The Ultraplex drive, at least with the tested firmware revision, seems to
require a different SCSI command to read the MS-TOC. This is neither present
in Linux(-current) nor in NetBSD-current. Maybe for Linux setting
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR_VENDOR will help, but I haven't tested this yet.

All other drive/SW combinations work fine.