Subject: Re: CVSup collections for a NetBSD CVS tree
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/04/1999 15:56:02
Feico Dillema writes:
> All three choices take a considerable amount of work to accomplish. This means
> that consenses on the approach to take would be valuable in order not to waste
> a lot of effort. Getting some experience with CVSup may help in making the
> right choice. My suggestion would be to set up a CVSup server either 
> unofficially or `officially under probation' and evaluate how useful a service
> it really is and  to evaluate whether to go for 1., 2. or 3. above.
> Please tell me if I completely missed the point...
> Feico.

Considering your extremely generous offer of virtually unlimited bandwidth
for this service, I would hope someone would take you up on it, and get
a "prototype" CVSup server running.
Perhaps some of the more vocal proponents of using CVSup could "put their
money where their mouth is", and help with administering this prototype.

I have already found "", with the sup->cvs importing
very useful for some of my purposes.  If 'anoncvs' was available, I wouldn't
have bothered with CVSup from there, considering the loss of the log info.

My opinion isn't probably worth much, but here it is:
	1.	What are our alternatives to (Vaporware) CVSup?
		a. The existing 'sup' infrastructure
		b. The existing 'ftp' infrastructure
		c. Vaporware anoncvs infrastructure
		d. Vaporware rdist infrastructure

	On this, I don't care how people access it, but until there
	is an official way to get your hands on the CVS repository, then
	CVSup isn't gaining you significantly other than reducing the
	size of the updates you might get via sup.  Doesn't 'CTM' provide
	exactly this via email?

	2.	Let us get the cvs repository opened up before we get to
		carried away with how we'll access it, other than via
		anoncvs and the 'cvs' *package*.

I am not extremely familiar with cvs, but if there is something I can
do to help the process of opening the repository, let me know!
I can donate a small amount of $$$ or some hardware towards this effort if
it will make an immediate difference in the expected delivery date of this

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