Subject: Re: NetBSD and IPv6
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/04/1999 01:53:03
	Hi, this is Jun-ichiro Hagino of KAME project.

>As mentioned in my previous posting on HW-resources for a NetBSD CVSup
>server, we're setting up an experimental IPv6 network. Most machines
>on this network run FreeBSD with the KAME IPv6 distribution. We also
>run NetBSD-1.3.3/Kame on a few non-SMP machines, and I'm trying to port
>KAME to NetBSD-1.4 (not entirely trivial for me to accomplish ;-{ ).

	We are (of course) planning to provide KAME for NetBSD 1.4 after
	the 1.4 release.  Stay tuned!

>Anyway, I'm interested in bringing people together that are 
>interested/experimenting with NetBSD and IPv6 (and KAME in particular).
>It would be very valuable to me to be able to exchange experience and do
>collective bug-hunts etc, with others out there. For that reason, I'd like
>to propose setting up a NetBSD-IPv6 mailinglist ala That
>could also be valuable for dissiminating/discussing NetBSD startegy and 
>future plans wrt IPv6, and/or to create such a strategy if it is still absent. would be nice, but IPv6 community already have
	so many mailing lists.  Many people subscribe to many of them.
	To name a few:
		and more
	I'm not objecting, but I think we should think twice
	before making one.
	If there's very NetBSD specific things (NetBSD project's plans for
	IPv6 is the best pick), it is good to make one.  If
	is just for generic topic, I think it is better to use existing
	resources like or