Subject: NetBSD and IPv6
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/1999 15:56:40
As mentioned in my previous posting on HW-resources for a NetBSD CVSup
server, we're setting up an experimental IPv6 network. Most machines
on this network run FreeBSD with the KAME IPv6 distribution. We also
run NetBSD-1.3.3/Kame on a few non-SMP machines, and I'm trying to port
KAME to NetBSD-1.4 (not entirely trivial for me to accomplish ;-{ ).

Anyway, I'm interested in bringing people together that are 
interested/experimenting with NetBSD and IPv6 (and KAME in particular).
It would be very valuable to me to be able to exchange experience and do
collective bug-hunts etc, with others out there. For that reason, I'd like
to propose setting up a NetBSD-IPv6 mailinglist ala That
could also be valuable for dissiminating/discussing NetBSD startegy and 
future plans wrt IPv6, and/or to create such a strategy if it is still absent. 

If there are NetBSD-ers out there that are interested to experiment with 
IPv6 and contribute their competence to this but don't have resources to 
work with, I'm willing to investigate whether we can offer some assistence
(by giving access to our machines provide IPv6 connectivity over a tunnel).

Any thoughts on this? 
(Is there a specific person to direct such a request for ipv6@ to?)

Feico Dillema,
 - no problem