Subject: Re: vt420 login problem
To: None <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/1999 10:59:52
Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Patrick Welche wrote:
> > When logging into a NetBSD-1.4_BETA/i386 of 27 Apr from a digital VT420
> > terminal, telnetd accepts the username correctly, then presumably invokes
> > login which prompts for the password. Now "return" is no longer recognised,
> > though it was by telnetd for the username. Using ^J instead of return gets
> > the password into login, but it is rejected, and telnetd puts up a new login:
> > prompt. Do any of you have some words of wisdom?
> What does "telnetd" have to do with logging in from a VT420? Aren't
> VT420's serial only? Is the VT connected to a VAX, Alpha, or what?

Indeed. Misphrased question, and I try to be so careful! The VT420 is plugged
into a terminal server, at whose prompt "connect telnet" is
typed. The terminal server is ancient. To make matters more "interesting", it
has 3 passwords enabled, none of which are known. The mystery from my point
of view is: if telnetd uses "default" out of gettytab to obtain the userid,
and does this successfully, what is login doing differently to obtain the
password? c1, f1, i1, l1, lo, nl, and o1 are not set in default. The login
process from said terminal/terminal server combination to vax vms and sun
solaris 2 is successful, so I assume terminal <=> terminal server communication
is OK.

Sorry about the confusion,