Subject: Re: 1.4_BETA i386 sysinst issues
To: Michael K. Sanders <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/1999 17:50:45
In message <>, "Michael K. Sanders" writes:
>I was originally going to install the binary sets via NFS, but an error
>ocurred with the mount, so I decided to use FTP from the same local
>server.  The options presented after the failure don't seem to include
>a 'choose another media for installation' option (unless 'try again' 
>really means go back to the media selection stage and try again, and
>not 'try the NFS mount again').

Hmm.  While we're at it, I'd very much like to see "use existing partition
tables", which would prompt me for which filesystems I wanted to newfs,
and which I wanted to fsck.  After the 4th (unrelated) reinstall, I was
sick of choosing the same partitions.

>After not being able to boot, I tried another installation with the
>drive disabled in the BIOS.  sysinst obviously can't determine the
>geometry from the BIOS in this case, and displays a message about
>it, but that message says:

>    The physical geometry is Lylinders 16 sectors 63 heads


I had a fair amount of trouble with geometry; I finally got it right, but I
have no clue what I did.  Actually, part of it is I went from a medium-old
-current to 1.4BETA supped yesterday afternoon, I think - the geometry stuff
for my SCSI drive got better, and I no longer had to hit return a lot.