Subject: Re: vt420 login problem
To: None <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/1999 18:12:29
:Patrick wrote:
::When logging into a NetBSD-1.4_BETA/i386 of 27 Apr from a digital VT420
::terminal, telnetd accepts the username correctly, then presumably invokes
::login which prompts for the password. Now "return" is no longer recognised,
::though it was by telnetd for the username. Using ^J instead of return gets
::the password into login, but it is rejected, and telnetd puts up a new login:
::prompt. Do any of you have some words of wisdom?

John Darrow <> typed:
:Check your parity settings.  This is a common symptom of parity mismatch.

How do I check that? I believe telnetd uses the default entry in
        :ce:ck:np:im=\r\n%s/%m (%h) (%t)\r\n\r\n:sp#9600:
ie., np=no parity and gets it right, but what does login use? (It is getting
it wrong) Both the terminal server and the terminal are set to no parity.
Can log in to vax vms and sparc solaris with no problem.

Geoff Wing wrote:
> Ah, you're not entering the username at the login prompt but passing it
> via some other way?  If so, try ^M^J (or maybe it's ^J^M) after entering
> your password.  I have to do something like this from my Wyse dumb term
> since I don't want translation of return at other times during the session.

Actually, this is just typing at the vt420 terminal - nothing fancy.
(Librarian trying to log in from public terminal.)

Should there be a \r as well as the \n in libc/gen/getpass ?