Subject: Re: Compliments and thanks
To: Jon Lindgren <>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/1999 14:13:07
Your message dated: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:27:18 EDT

>The "cleanliness" of NetBSD - I love the way NetBSD source is written and
>An organization committed to excellence - While many people may debate
>I'm not a kernel expert.  I know what I learn from Tannenbaum, the dragon

I second all that. I typed my first `ls' after installing NetBSD on a
68030 Amiga with 4 MB of RAM when I was a student. I will not bore you
with the rest of my story with NetBSD, however I'd like to say that NetBSD
itself, but also its crowd (developers and users) as I perceive them on the
mailings lists, have taught me a lot. The discussions (even though they
are hot-headed sometimes) are often valuable to me and have taught me that 
there's more to many problems and solutions `than first meets the eye'.
Sometimes I find it a pity that probably many of the discussions I never see,
and sometimes I think it would be great if the more important design
considerations made for  NetBSD would be published somehow. NetBSD is 
great, but its best part is that NetBSD provides a great learning experience!

I feel pretty confident that if there's ever going to be a followup to the
black book and the red book, it will be called something like:

(The rainbow book?)

``The Design and Implementation of the NetBSD Operating System''

Even if it never gets written, I think NetBSD is and will deserve such
a book. Would be really nice to use it in academic OS-course too ;)