Subject: Re: Hesiod docs?
To: Michael C. Richardson <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1999 15:37:47
On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Michael C. Richardson wrote:
>  I'm looking for an *EXAMPLE* of a hesoid zone that AMD can comprehend.

  Here's an example of a hesiod zone that works with AMD:

/defaults.home  HS TXT  "fs:=/tmp_mnt/home/${key};type:=link;rfs:=/home/${key}"
rocinante.home  HS TXT  "host!=rocinante;type:=nfs;rhost:=rocinante host==rocinante;type:=ufs;dev:=/dev/sd0h"
ss.home         HS TXT  "host!=ss;type:=nfs;rhost:=ss host==ss;type:=ufs;dev:=/dev/sd1c"
aria.home       HS TXT  "host!=aria;type:=nfs;rhost:=aria host==aria;type:=ufs;dev:=/dev/sd1c"
kathy.home      HS TXT  "fs:=/home/aria/kathy"
matheson.home   HS TXT  "fs:=/home/ss/matheson"
mcguire.home    HS TXT  "fs:=/home/ss/mcguire"
wan.home        HS TXT  "fs:=/home/ss/wan"
wingard.home    HS TXT  "fs:=/home/ss/wingard"
zach.home       HS TXT  "fs:=/home/ss/zach"

                 -Dave McGuire