Subject: Re: Hesiod docs?
To: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1999 09:50:09
Miles Nordin wrote:

> Does anyone have some starting points for learning about Hesiod?  Even,
> just some examples of zone files, if nothing else is available?  Does MIT
> release Project Athena software (like Moira and SMS) to the public?  If
> so, where does this happen?

We're basically an Ultrix shop here, and use the HS class instead of
the IN class, but it doesn't matter to much which you choose.  For
NetBSD, it'll default to looking in IN first then HS.  Here's the
/etc/hesiod.conf file we use on our NetBSD boxes:

In a nutshell, just put lots of TXT records in a zone and use it.  For
example (note that stock lp* doesn't know about Hesiod, but we use it
here to manage over 400 print queues in about a dozen adminstative

	; printcap.db --
	;       hesiod printcap file
	; Generated by build_hs_printcap v1.6 on melb100 at Tue Apr 27  1:00:02 1999


	@               HS SOA (
				1764            ; Serial
				3600            ; Refresh - 1 hour
				300             ; Retry - 5 minutes
				1209600         ; Expire - 2 weeks
				43200 )         ; Minimum - 12 hours
			HS NS 

	supp_lj5si	HS TXT	"supp_lj5si|LaserJet"

Here we use Hesiod for many things:

	balrog:/var/dss/namedb 3# grep hs named.boot 
	primary       hs/group.db
	primary    hs/networks.db
	primary      hs/passwd.db
	primary    hs/printcap.db
	primary   hs/protocols.db
	primary         hs/rpc.db
	primary    hs/services.db
	primary      hs/shells.db
	primary         hs/uid.db

Feel free to ask any more questions off-line if you want to.