Subject: Re: CVSup collections for a NetBSD CVS tree <>
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Justin T. Gibbs <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/26/1999 15:23:14
>>And yet is available for alpha and i386, likely the two machine types used
>>for most of NetBSD's CVS mirrors.  It seems silly to prevent your mirrors
>>or user community from using this facility (in addition to anon-cvs) just
>>because of a personal distaste for Modula-3.
>You may find this hard to beleive but there are NetBSD developers (not
>to mention users) without convenient access to either an Alpha or an
>i386.  Just what does CVSup offer these people?
>I'd really like to know, because I'm one.

Not every NetBSD user will be pulling bits from the central repository.
The load would be too high.  They will have to use mirrors.  How are
these mirrors updated?  The most efficient way is with CVSup.  So how
will an end user that cannot use CVSup benefit?  By having the distribution
to their local mirror site be efficient enough to allow more updates per
day.  FreeBSD mirror sites update once an hour and we could never sustain
such a load on our master repository if we used another tool.