Subject: Hesiod docs?
To: None <>
From: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/1999 22:40:17
Since i noticed that Hesiod is built into NetBSD now, i thought i'd try it
instead of NIS.  However i'm having a real hard time finding

I've seen mentions of Moira and SMS, and want to look into this, too.

Apparently there is a mailing list--some benevolent guy at MIT added me,
but i have yet to see a single message.  presumably, Hesiod works so well
that, in spite of the hundreds of thousands of sites taking advantage of
NetBSD's bold decision to integrate it, there are no problems or questions

Does anyone have some starting points for learning about Hesiod?  Even,
just some examples of zone files, if nothing else is available?  Does MIT
release Project Athena software (like Moira and SMS) to the public?  If
so, where does this happen?

Paper docs are okay, but i'm pretty sure we don't have a copy of ``The
Project Athena Technical Plan'' here at CU--Boulder.  pointers to articles
that a normal research library might have would be helpful if online
documentation is lacking.  or, even a clue toward getting a reprint of the

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