Subject: Re: Where do cron tabs belong?
To: No Spam <vex!qiclab!sopwith.UUCP!>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/21/1999 23:53:47
On Wed, Apr 21, 1999 at 02:52:51PM +0100, No Spam wrote:

Good, a nice summary of points. I'll try to leave it
mostly intact.

> 	Things that are not needed in single-user mode do not belong
> 	in the root filesystem.

Needed is tricky. I'd say there's lots of things there now that
aren't 'needed'. 

> 	Things that generate disk writes should not be moved
> 	into the root filesystem.

With what freqency/scale?

> Curt Sampson writes:
> One can look at this from various points of view, but it is
> rarely a clean split:
> 	Cron tabs contain system configuration kinda stuff *and* user
> 	data kinda stuff.

I continue to contend, so do passwd files.

> 	In some environments you want cron tabs to be read-only,
> 	in others you want them read-write.

chflags as needed, wherever they may be.

> 	Some stuff in /var should be backed up, some
> 	doesn't need to be.
> 	Cron tabs contain config info, so they should be in /etc.
> 	Cron tabs vary, so they should be in /var.

They don't vary in my definition of 'var'. To me, /var contains
data that varies a lot. I'd suggest that for most users cron
changes once every 4 months (avg), while /var/mail changes

> I see two arguments for moving cron tabs from /var to /etc:
> 	To allow not backing up /var.
> 	Cron tabs contain config data, and thus belong in /etc.
> If /var is too large to back up reasonably, it is easy enough
> to have your backup script tar (or whatever) /var/cron/ off
> to tape, or put a tarball on a filsystem that does get backed up.
> This is site specific, plenty of sites do back up /var.
> Crontabs also contain user data, and so don't belong in /etc.

I don't accept that that overrides the arguement. It has been 
noted that crontabs should be 'system controlled' user-data,
both for purposes of limiting space usage, and for alerting
users to errors before they log out, expecting their job to
work properly.

> Thus I feel that the arguments for moving cron tabs from /var to
> /etc are fairly weak, and greatly outweighed by the arguments against,
> such as writes to the root filesystem.

To me, this is much weaker than the 'user-data' argument against
moving to /var. Can anyone reference more than one system
where they see frequent cron file updates? As I say, I'd guess
4months -> forever between changes for the most part. People
probably change their password more often than their crontabs.

> If you have partitions to spare, there other possible setups to consider,
> such as:
> 	have a /etc/multiuser partition, and have cron tabs be
> 	in /etc/multiuser/cron/tabs/

Nor have more spaces to run out of disk space. Many non-server
installs are simpler to maintain with just a single '/'
partition. Do many people here feel that's taking a bit risk
with filesystem lossage? Perhaps the case if we were running
EXT2FS instead of FFS... but we aren't. (most of us)

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