Subject: Re: anybody own a multi-port TULIP card?
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/20/1999 16:50:56

I will test it tonight, if possible.  I have a somewhat strange setup
at home, though, in that all the interfaces appear on the same IRQ
anyway, due to a overpopulation of lame ISA cards, and that our pcmcia
driver isn't polling for insertion events and eats an extra IRQ.

Chris Jones <> writes:

> I have a PR in (6852) which works around a bug in an ethernet card I
> have.  It's a 4-port TULIP card made by Comdex.  The patch in the PR
> appears to work just fine on my board, as well as on at least one
> single-port tulip board.  The patch has been committed to -current.
> However, it'd be really nice to see it in 1.4.  In order for that to
> happen, we could really stand to have this patch get tested on a
> multi-port TULIP board on which the various TULIP chips *don't* share
> the same IRQ.  If anybody out there would be willing to do that, and
> then let Curt Sampson know, so he can submit a pullup request, I would
> be very grateful.
> Chris
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