Subject: Re: RE[2]: 1.4_ALPHA panic while probing fdc on SS-20/hyperSPARC
To: YoshiyaEto <>
From: Paul Kranenburg <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/20/1999 22:01:12
> > >When booting 1.4_ALPHA on my SPARCstation-20(hyperSPARC), kernel got data
> > >fault and was panicked.
> > >

> But, NetBSD/sparc-current that I removed fd configulation prompts install/update on SS-20/HyperSPARC.
> So, I think this problem is related to fdc probing , or fdc probing and HyperSPARC combination.

The problem is not in the fd driver itself, but rather in the code that
installs the interrupt handler as a `fast trap' handler (see intr.c).
For some reason, HyperSPARCs trip over that. The am7930 audio driver
will be affected in the same way, in case your machine has such
a device.