Subject: Re: SVR4 on m68k; which m68k SVR4 version?
To: None <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/20/1999 11:25:16
> >	At the risk of reopening a 1992 flame war:
> >
> >	Which m68k SVR4 abi are we supporting in the compat stuff?
> >
> >	Both Amiga and Atari had differing SVR4 abi's... I actually still
> >	can boot Amiga UNIX SVR4 on my NetBSD/Amiga box so I could certainly
> >	test how the abi works; actually I can mount the partitions read-only
> >	and copy off what I need.
> >
> >	Anyways, just curious what ABI spec is being used as I thought the
> >	m68k SVR4 abi was never really ironed out...
> My understanding is that it was ironed out, but Amiga Unix ended up mildly
> incompatible with it due to compiler issues.
	Hmmm, the gcc 1.X compiler version or the gcc 2.X compiler version?
	I thought when the late move to gcc 2.X was completed the compiler
	issues were delt with but some political piss fighting remained?

	It was several years ago so my memory is paged out to an off-line