Subject: Re: NetBSD: Certified mom-ready.
To: Paul Newhouse <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1999 13:09:17
  Warning: My message below contains little more than flamage.  If you're not in
the mood for that, act accordingly.

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Paul Newhouse wrote:
>It mentioned Linux 6 times and NetBSD once.  While it's nice that NetBSD
>got mentioned, it is a Linux article by weight of numbers.
>It stinks but, that's how it is. *8^(((

  [flame on]

  Indeed.  Though not entirely shocking, given the rate at which we're losing
members of 'core'.

  My entire company depends on NetBSD/sparc and NetBSD/alpha.  A total of
over one hundred machines, nearly all mission-critical.  A while back, following
the resignation of yet another member of 'core', two people walked up to me
and asked if we ought to consider moving away from NetBSD...because, as one of
them put it, "well, their leaders are..."  Now Herb has resigned, and I'm
almost dreading going into the office today!

  What the hell is going on?  It seems from my [admittedly rather isolated]
point of view, my favorite which I've been evangelizing and selling
people on since the 0.9 folding in on itself due to petty political
bickering, massive ego problems, and an apparent lack of
tranquilizers/beer/prozac/whatever it would take to keep people from yelling
and screaming at each other like children.  Is this really what's happening? 
If so, why?  Is that even an answerable question?

  [flame off]

                        -Dave McGuire