Subject: Problem with NetBSD 1.4_alpha with signals and persistent processes
To: None <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/16/1999 17:48:34
	Hello NetBSDers.  I have a Dell pentium running NetBSD1.4_Alpha with
kernel sources as of this morning.  I find that the window
program isn't properly terminating its sub-shells when it exits.  The user
binaries are from the March 15 snapshot.  However, I believe this is a
kernel or library problem as a window binary wich works properly under
NetBSD 1.2 does the same thing when run under the 1.4_alpha kernel.  The
1.3K kernel sources from the snapshot exhibit the same behavior.  What
happens is that all the shells I had going in my windows, and any processes
they had going, stay running after window exits.  Sending a SIGHUP to these
shells causes them to exit normally, killing all their children along the
way.  It seems that any children of window aren't getting properly signaled
when window exits.  Is this more fallout from that funny business from Grey
Wolf about children not getting signals?  In any case, I would consider
this a pretty big failure, as it means I need to manually kill all my
shells each time I log out, otherwise, the next time I run window, csh
complains that it cannot give me job control because it cannot access the
	I can try to help debug this, as I have some familiarity with the
window code itself, but I first wanted to see if others are seeing similar
behavior.  I've included my .windowrc file below, in case anyone wanted to
try and reproduce my environment exactly.  Any thoughts, suggestions, etc.
would be greatly appreciated.

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