Subject: Re: fat inodes & Y2038
To: None <>
From: Michael C. Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/1999 17:44:40
  My feelings on the Y2K problem is that it was easier to change programs
and APIs and typedef's than it was to change on-disk formats.
  I didn't ask that we *implement* wider times, I just suggested that we 
make sure that all times in the file systems had space allocated to the 
64 bit times. 
  My understanding of one 64-bit time_t proposal was that it had 48 bits of
seconds since 1970, or even seconds since 0 or even since -3780 aka 0 on the
hebrew calendar, since with 47 bits of seconds we get 4456448 years.
  The other 16 bits become least significant bits for people who need more

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