Subject: Re: /var/cron -> /etc/cron
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/14/1999 22:04:50
At 02:11 PM 4/14/99 -0400, Michael Richardson wrote:
>  So, I would suggest that we continue to install things in
>/usr/pkg/etc, but if the user requests it (via /etc/mk.conf or command
>line arguments to pkg_add) that appropriate symlinks be created in
>/etc, or even, that symlinks be made in /usr/pkg/etc and point at

Everyone is going to burn me at the stake.  I just know it.

I linked /usr/pkg to /usr/local

I like it that way.  It works good for me.  This means that I have things
like "all of the stuff I install gets put into local" rather than having to
support a third set of path components.

I know it's evil and I'm going to Linux for it, but sin be damned. (huh?)

Anyway; I thought I'd inject yet another random thought into the mix.  Has
anyone ever suggested making symbolic links to environment variables?
Something to think about.

Remember, "Proof by personal incredulity" is not proof....

Just having fun.  You can go back to your serious discussions now.

Dave Burgess                   Network Engineer - Nebraska On-Ramp, Inc.
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"Just because something is stupid doesn't mean there isn't someone that
doesn't want to do it...."