Subject: To greg woods:
To: None <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/14/1999 15:51:07
Sorry for this, but Greg's mailers are (still) incorrectly insisting on MX

Greg: thanks for the patch, but I had nothing to do with the scheduler
fix, and so I'm kinda confused as to why you sent it to me. ??

Also, please fix your mailers, specificaly the message below:

|------------------------- Message log follows: -------------------------|
 550-Sender address target '' is not a valid e-mail domain.
 550 There is no MX record for it. most certainly IS a valid e-mail domain - you sent me
EMail there. :-) If you're going to insist on folks having MX records even
when they aren't required (which was the consensus I heard last time this
came up), then please change the outgoing message to say something like "I
don't want to talk to you if you don't have an MX record even if you have
an A record".

Take care,