Subject: Re: /var/cron -> /etc/cron
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/1999 23:45:31
On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Andrew Brown wrote:

> >> ...and that /var/db/pkg should be /usr/pkg/db, because that
> >> way i could share /usr/pkg among systems and get everything i need out
> >> of it.
> >
> >I've talked to a few other people about this, and most seem to
> >agree with this. It's just that nobody's actually tried to do it
> >yet.
> ...or even /usr/pkg/etc or something.

Ew! Most everyone I've talked to also agrees that /usr/pkg/etc is
a directory that should never exist. Config files should be

> so what's actually holding this back?

Nobody's stepped up to do it yet.

> >You can do this with amd already, and I know many people who do.
> perhaps...but then i'd have to run amd and configure it on every
> system and have bazillions (well, more than i want) of lookback mounts
> or something like that.


What you're wanting to do is *exactly* the sort of thing AMD was
designed to do, and lots of shops do it. I'd investigate carefully
before you dismiss it.

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