Subject: Re: /var/cron -> /etc/cron
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/1999 22:25:19
>Personally, I think that this stuff about config files is all
>getting quite complex, and I don't see that it's worth the kind of
>effort that would have to put in to implement it and implementing
>an upgrade system for the install for it. (With my original proposal,
>the upgrade is as simple as `ln -s ../var/cron /etc/cron'. If it
>fails, you're already on a new-type system, if not, you're upgraded.)

actually...if you're on a /var/cron system, that symlink call will
succeed in either creating /etc/cron, or /etc/cron/cron (whereever or
whatever /etc/cron is or points to).  and if you're on an /etc/cron
system, that will make /etc/cron/cron.  so regardless of what
/etc/cron is, where it points, or even whether it exists or not, that
won't "fail".  it just might not have the "expected" effect.

<my opinion>

i think /var/cron and the crontabs should stay where they are.  i
think /etc/crontab is still a fine idea, and i'm glad it's still
"operational".  i do think the cron log should be moved to where all
the other logs are though.

(starting to dig)

and, in addition, i think that /usr/pkgsrc should actually be
/usr/pkg/src and that /var/db/pkg should be /usr/pkg/db, because that
way i could share /usr/pkg among systems and get everything i need out
of it.

(digging deeper)

then again, i also think that it would be really "neat" if i could
make a symlink that pointed to @ (or some other convenient unorthodox
character or word that wouldn't likely be used in a "sane"
environment), and have the *kernel* substitute the @ with the arch
name (in namei(), if i'm correct (/me is a not a kernel hacker)).
then i could make bin point to @ on my nfs server and share /usr with
any netbsd architecture i or you can come up with.  actually...i could
share everything.  :)

wouldn't that be neat?  a platform independent nfs server?  :)


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