Subject: Re: mdconfig?
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/12/1999 20:50:08
Izumi Tsutsui writes:
> wrote:
> > I am currently trying to get the following command to work:
> > 	mdconfig /dev/md0c 2048 &
> > 
> > But it gives an error message:
> > 	/dev/md0c: Device not configured
> > 
> > It worked fine on the arm32 port - anyone know how I set it
> > up on the i386? I suspect the MAKEDEV scripts is incorrect,
> > because all the /dev/md*'s are there, but do not work
> Hmm. It seems that etc.i386/MAKEDEV does not make the "control" unit
> of md device (which is mentioned in /sys/dev/md.c).
> I made it as "mknod md0c b 17 128" and then I can do mdconfig.
> mdconfig(8) man page should also be fixed...
> (It should be "mdconfig /dev/md0c 2048 &", not md0a.)

This allowed me to do an mdconfig having a /dev/mdcfg as block 17/128
but i can't do a disklabel on it, etc. Where is this documented? Or is
there an error with the user space mdconfig and md driver stuff? I
couldn't do a newfs on the md drive due to bad partition info. 
The md device that was configured could be dd'd from though, so it
existed. I am still poking around, but if it works on one port, why
doesn't it work on the others?

> BTW, etc.arm32/MAKEDEV does not make /dev/md0a...
> ---
> Izumi Tsutsui

Joseph Sarkes