Subject: a couple of PR's
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/11/1999 11:36:20
So, is this the right place to nag people to look at open PR's?  I've
got three in particular that would be really nice to see integrated,
as there's some oddball hardware at the work I'm leaving, and I don't
want to force my successor to maintain a set of patches.

6852 looks, as far as I can tell, completely ready to commit.

6903 is a less-than-elegant solution to a very nasty problem.  I don't
know if there's a better solution or not; if not, maybe this should go

6214 could maybe use some work.  I sent feedback on the problem (hi
thorpej!), but it probably got lost in the noise.  I haven't
encountered any changers that refuse to work with block mode
descriptors enabled, so maybe that should be the default?  On the
other hand, I've only worked with three changers, and there have got
to be lots more out there.  I was thinking last night that maybe
ch_get_params should just be modified to have a "block descriptors"
flag, and call itself recursively once with the flag toggled if it
doesn't work the first time.

Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate it if people could suggest what I
should do to get these integrated.


Chris Jones                                
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