Subject: Re: critfs_require_network ought to be in default rc.conf
To: Mason Loring Bliss <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/1999 16:34:17
On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:

> critfs_require_network ought to be in the default rc.conf, even if it is
> commented out. I got snagged by this recently...

No; we should not be adding variables that don't exist and have no
effect to rc.conf. :-)

I fixed rc recently to run mount_critical_filesystems twice, once
before and once after the network is set up. The first time it
mounts local filesystems, and the second time it mounts network
filesystems. So you should have no further problems if you update
/etc/rc and /etc/rc.subr.

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