Subject: Re: IMPORTANT: sendmail package
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/1999 16:26:52
On Sat, Apr 10, 1999 at 04:22:43PM -0400, Curt Sampson wrote:

> This is odd; I was *sure* that when I was maintaining sendmail in
> the tree, I had it build with tcpwrappers.

Yeah. Others have said that as well. I've been running 8.9.x since it came
out, and, hence, haven't been running the in-tree version.

Has it always used tcpwrappers, though? There was definitely a time when
I was running the NetBSD stock sendmail, and I don't remember tcpwrappers
being involved.

Anyway, would it be a good thing or a bad thing for the stock hosts.allow
to have either a sendmail entry or comments describing such an entry?

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