Subject: Re: New machine, inetd flakiness...?
To: Mason Loring Bliss <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/1999 10:17:39
	Hi Mason.  I've seen messages of that sort once on my venerable NetBSD
box at home.  I've only seen them once, and they were accompanied by other
symptoms of unexplained memory corruption.  I rebooted this otherwise
reliable machine, it's been running for 6 years, and the problems went
away.  I wonder if your memory chips may need reseating?
On Apr 9, 12:05pm, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
} Subject: New machine, inetd flakiness...?
} Hi, all. I'm setting up a new system at work, and I want to have it operate
} flawlessly, since how well it works will determine whether or not I can
} convince the local management to mandate the use of NetBSD here.
} After fighting through sysinst yesterday, I finally got the system up.
} Everything seemed good, but after running for a few hours, something
} choked. After my homeward commute, I tried to log in, and couldn't. The
} machine wouldn't process connections of any sort.
} This morning, on coming in, I found a couple instances of this in /var
} /log/messages:
} Apr  9 16:54:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100001 1 17 65534: Undefined error: 0
} Apr  9 16:56:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100001 2 17 65534: No message of desired type
} Apr  9 16:58:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100001 3 17 65534: No message of desired type
} Apr  9 17:00:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100002 2 17 65523: No message of desired type
} Apr  9 17:02:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100002 3 17 65523: No message of desired type
} Apr  9 17:04:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100008 1 17 65522: No message of desired type
} Does this ring any bells for anyone? I'm half-tempted to just set up 1.3.3
} on the box and customize that, since I *know* that works reliably enough to
} use in production, and I'm already going to have to upgrade some core
} packages, like sendmail. (Although I'd most like to use sendmail 8.9.3 with
} our nifty mailwrapper, just because I like the mailwrapper.)
} Thanks in advance for the information. It's conceivable that this box could
} produce some nice PR for NetBSD if it works out.
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