Subject: New machine, inetd flakiness...?
To: None <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/1999 12:05:46
Hi, all. I'm setting up a new system at work, and I want to have it operate
flawlessly, since how well it works will determine whether or not I can
convince the local management to mandate the use of NetBSD here.

After fighting through sysinst yesterday, I finally got the system up.
Everything seemed good, but after running for a few hours, something
choked. After my homeward commute, I tried to log in, and couldn't. The
machine wouldn't process connections of any sort.

This morning, on coming in, I found a couple instances of this in /var

Apr  9 16:54:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100001 1 17 65534: Undefined error: 0
Apr  9 16:56:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100001 2 17 65534: No message of desired type
Apr  9 16:58:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100001 3 17 65534: No message of desired type
Apr  9 17:00:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100002 2 17 65523: No message of desired type
Apr  9 17:02:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100002 3 17 65523: No message of desired type
Apr  9 17:04:56 satserv1 inetd[167]: pmap_set: 100008 1 17 65522: No message of desired type

Does this ring any bells for anyone? I'm half-tempted to just set up 1.3.3
on the box and customize that, since I *know* that works reliably enough to
use in production, and I'm already going to have to upgrade some core
packages, like sendmail. (Although I'd most like to use sendmail 8.9.3 with
our nifty mailwrapper, just because I like the mailwrapper.)

Thanks in advance for the information. It's conceivable that this box could
produce some nice PR for NetBSD if it works out.

Mason Loring Bliss             ((  "In the drowsy dark cave of the mind dreams  ))  build  their nest  with fragments  dropped ((   from day's caravan." - Rabindranath Tagore