Subject: Linux news
To: NetBSD current users <>
From: Eric Delcamp <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/1999 13:49:22
Hi !

Latest Linux news: VA Research founded by Intel, Corel launch his own
distribution of Linux, Creative Labs get a software engineer to make audio
drivers for all SoundBlaster PCI cards, and later for video cards, 3Dfx put
a Glide driver for Linux and Banshee 2D specs on his web, Adaptec release
his Ultra2SCSI specs for Linux, and Symbios Logic work with Alan Cox to I2O

My question is really simple : where is NetBSD in all of this ? Leaving
Linux behind the scene is a little frustating for me.
I have asked 3 weeks ago a document describing majors changes in NetBSD 1.4,
and futures orientations of NetBSD (1.5 and later). I'm not qualified to
write such document, but we need it (a good place is the NetBSD web site) to
show what NetBSD do, will do, and give me a base to contact computer
magazines (in France) for informations about NetBSD. This could help NetBSD
users too (could someone explain me what are the biggest lines of changes
for futures versions ?).

We need more communications, especially with the press.

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