Subject: Bootstrap Floppy to easy installation
To: None <>
From: Markus Illenseer <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/1999 21:21:12
 Hi there,
yesterday I had the rare oportunity to install NetBSD/Amiga on an Amiga
which had no CD-ROM and which had no network access (OK, I admit, I had
no native-OS TCP-stack handy, the ethernet board was thus unfunctional).

 It was quite a problem to:
 Copy loadbsd, a kernel, ixemul.library, xstreamtodev,
 split miniroot.gz into two parts and copy to several floppies on a PC.
 (Stuff required for the native-OS part of the installation procedure)

 It would have been easier to boot from a floppy which contained a small
funcionality to install miniroot.fs from a remote network. IE: setup the
network (either LAN or pppd), ftp piped through dd and hence copy the
miniroot.fs to the (future) swap partition or using NFS for the same 

 Does that make any sense? Is there any need for such a floppy?
I could imagine, this would also make sense for other architectures, even
including i386, but mostly Alpha, PowerPC and probably Sparc. Probably all
architectures which have a miniroot.fs as base for the installation 

Markus Illenseer