Subject: Ensoniq AudioPCI *97*
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/1999 11:25:39
Frustrated with having no sound on my NetBSD/i386 box at work, due to my
inability to write a driver for the Yamaha YMF724 chip which is onboard
my Dell Dimension (someone kindly pointed me to docs, which I have been
unable to put to advantageous use), I decided to purchase an inexpensive
soundcard.  So, I saw a "Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI" card for $30, and having
read and re-read Lennart Augustsson's eap driver, I thought, "Great!  I
*know* this one's supported!"

Well, I get the thing open, and it turns out, it's an AudioPCI97, *not*
AudioPCI.  I just *love* it when vendors make changes like this.  

First, I figured, I'll try just adding a line to the eap driver to get
it to match this one as well... perhaps it's compatible.  Bzzt.  It matches
the card, but no sound from anything.  (At least it doesn't crash the
machine!)  So, I grabbed the datasheet (kudos to Ensoniq for making them
easily available), and sure enough, there seem to be some incompatibilities
in the interface.

Now the question:  has anyone already added support for this?  (Either to
the eap driver or a new one)  I'm willing to give it a go, but my driver
skills are minimal at best.

Jeff Rizzo