Subject: Re: setting the clean-bit in a RAID 0
To: Paul B Dokas <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/1999 10:05:52
Paul B Dokas writes:
> I've got an iX86 machine tracking -current that has two 9.0GB SCSI
> disks configured as RAID0.  I originally configured the RAID a few months
> back, before the clean bit was added to the RAID code, and now, whenever
> I reboot, I get this:
> RAIDFRAME: protectedSectors is 64
> raid0: Component /dev/sd0e being configured at row: 0 col: 0
>          Row: 0 Column: 0 Num Rows: 1 Num Columns: 2
>          Version: 1 Serial Number: 100023 Mod Counter: 183
>          Clean: 0 Status: 0
> /dev/sd0e is not clean!

Gack.  Clean bits don't mean a whole lot for RAID0, so perhaps 
the error message here is a bit bogus..

> However, everything still works just fine, even though the system demands
> that the RAID is not clean.
> Anyone know of a way to mark the RAID as clean?  I've RTFM'd and tried
> lots of different raidctl commands.  None have managed to set the clean
> bit.

Doing a:

  raidctl -i raid0

should make it happier.  The initializing of parity should trivially 
succeed (as there is no parity) and after that the kernel shouldn't complain
about the RAID set not being clean... 

Please let me know if the above doesn't fix things, as if it doesn't, I'll 
need to do some digging...
> Oh, and when the clean bit was added, I did label the RAID per the 
> instructions that went to current-users.


Greg Oster