Subject: HP 7200i ATAPI CD burner experiences?
To: None <,>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/03/1999 03:54:17
Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has any comments with regard to HP 7200i CD
burners. I'm thinking of picking one up tomorrow, and I'd like to know
whether it'll work well or if I'll be wasting money on lemonage.

I'm curious if our cdrecord supports this... The README.ATAPI on our
package system cdrecord says that ATAPI CD-R is only supported under Linux.
I don't know if this is true or not, and it'll definitely impact whether
or not I buy the CD-R drive. (I'd rather have a tape drive, but I can't
afford a SCSI card *and* a tape drive at the moment, and we don't seem
to support ATAPI tape drives.)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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