Subject: two hot-swap related questions
To: None <>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/1999 12:01:45

I have two questions regarding hot-swap support in NetBSD:

1) When is if_delref() going to be committed?

I know at one time Jason said he had hot-swap working with his
Ethernet PC card for which he was writing a new driver (forgot what
that was).  It sounds a lot like he had a working if_delref()
implementation at that time.  Am I incorrect in assuming that?  Or if
I'm not, what's preventing it from being committed?

2) Is anybody working on hot-swap support for USB devices?

It would be cool if my USB mouse worked when my PC resumed from
suspend, or if I could simply plug it and get it to work after booting
NetBSD without plugging it first.  If there's nobody, I might offer to
help though in this area I have a lot to learn first.