Subject: Re: bind/named build failure.
To: David Forbes <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/1999 01:31:49
>I fetched the latest tar balls at the weekend, extracted and attempted to
>build in completely fresh directories.  Unfortunately, I've hit the
>"libbind.a symbol doubly defined" problem.  

this is becausse libbind.a defines a number of symbols that netbsd has
in it's libc.  i believe linking bind statically will (temporarily)
alleviate this problem.

>I'm quite sure I've got a clean source and DESTDIR, because I've only just
>mkdir'd them.  However, I had understood that this problem had been
>cleared up?

i don't think so, no.

>It's not a problem for me at the mo, because I'm just working around it
>with USE_BIND4.  FWIW, this is an arm32 system, but that shouldn't make a
>difference, should it?

nope.  not at all.  :(

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