Subject: Re: ep1: adapter failure (ffff)
To: Eric Delcamp <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/24/1999 12:43:13 said:
> When rebooting my -current NetBSD, I got a "ep1: adapter failure
> (ffff)" and the machine hang. 

I've seen this a while ago when there was an
inconsistency with the global "cold" flag which
could cause the shutdownhooks to be run with
interrupts enabled. This was solved.

The "adapter failure" messages is printed in the
ep interrupt handler. During shutdown, interrupts
should be disabled, so there is either something wrong
with the interrupt disabling, or the message occurs
earlier, before the shutdownhooks.

Can you try to get some more info with DDB?
-set a breakpoint in "epshutdown"
-reboot the machine, the breakpoint should be hit
-if the message already appeared, see below
-check the variable "cpl", it should mask everything
-set a breakpoint in "epintr", continue
-if the breakpoint is hit, get a stacktrace

If the message appeared before "epshutdown", try to
set a breakpoint where the message is printed
(elink3.c, line 1358). If you don't want to scan
the assembler code, place a "Debugger()" call into the
source. Get a stacktrace when the breakpoint is hit.

best regards