Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG **
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/24/1999 00:02:20
On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Jonathan Stone wrote:
> In message <v04020a08b2f75eabad58@[]>,
> "Erik E. Fair" writes:

> >Ideas? I got some. How about starting with the obsolete equipment vendors
> >who handle things like old Suns, HP's, 68k-Macs, etc. Particularly for the
> >really old gear, wouldn't it be nice for them to know that a modern UNIX
> >can run on that old stuff? They might be able to move out some of their
> >dusty inventory...
> If we had foolproof install CDs for them to sell with it, maybe.  How
> easily do NetBSD distributions install on bare machines of that vintage?

Over a network connection, it can be nearly as easy as a CD-ROM install. 
A netboot based install package for workstations with MOP/BOOTP support
could really simplify the process of netbooting systems.  This would
require that the users already have access to another system to act as a
boot server, but it is possible.  Hey, would could even make a package for
Linux distributions. 

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